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IT & Networking:

Professional assistance with your technology infrastructure. At 4WAY Solutions, your IT tasks and operations are offloaded onto our highly trained and skilled staff. We take up the ongoing responsibility of managing, monitoring and providing network support for your infrastructure. We strive to continually make your system more efficient; to reduce downtime and maintain a stable, reliable working environment.

Our Managed Services allow you to reduce the cost for your IT maintenance by moving the risk-management into our hands. 4WAY has ground breaking techniques and automated processes which will help you to keep a great budget. We work on bringing the best coordination between your needs and our skills, thereby devising an advantageous infrastructure. 4Way proactively monitors the process to avoid technical problems, if any, and sort them out without giving you the hassle.

Network Audits:

Security & Data Integrity are paramount for every network. 4WAY has the most talented, well-trained staff in India to tackle the most complex of networks. 4WAY helps organizations by providing them with solid solutions for their hardware and software needs, ensuring an efficient functionality of their businesses.

Backup, Recovery and Disaster Management Planning:

It’s time consuming to monitor and manage backups; especially tape backups. Our monitoring system has an extensive module dedicated to reporting and monitoring backups. You can easily track jobs, and produce reports on restorations.

Asset & Inventory Management:

Our inventory management module automatically scans your network for proper inventory development.

Patch Management:

Our systems scan networks for security holes, and automatically deliver patches.

Malware, Spyware, Anti-Virus Protection and Removal:

Our system runs seamlessly in the background to protect against malware, spyware and worms. If a machine is compromised, you will be the first to know.

Workstation Management:

Preventive service for PC and Macs makes it easy to handle virus problems, spyware issues and patching. We have an integrated system that optimally deals with workstation management.